Writing is an art, but publishing is a business

For so long I was just aiming to FINISH my novel. I could only see as far as ‘the end’, and oftentimes even that seemed impossible. I thought that even mentioning the word ‘publish’ would jinx me. Only after finishing the draft (and a second and third draft after that) have I begun to dip my toes into the publishing process. It’s a totally different world. As they say, writing is an art, but publishing is a business. We can all write whatever/however we like, but if we want our work to be accepted by a publisher, we have to abide by their rules.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple of months trying to figure out those rules. Luckily there are a lot of resources out there, but there is such a volume of information it would take me months to wade through it all! I’m sure many new authors can relate.

So far, the most helpful resources have been podasts focused on writing and publishing, like TSNOTYAW, The Manuscript Academy Show, Writer Writer Pants on Fire, and Queries Qualms and Quirks. These are all fantastic, and since I can listen to them in the car they don’t take away from writing time.

Social media is another deep well of info, but it’s so deep I often fall in and get stuck. Twitter so far has been most helpful, both because a lot of agents post their MSWSs (manuscript wish lists) and also because the other new writers are actively sharing information and advice.

Keeping up with writers tips or maintaining an author platform online seem like a completely separate career/hobbies. How is there time to do and that, write/edit a book and also pursue publication?? Please, someone?

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