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  A tiny archipelago sitting off the coast of Spain's Costa Brava, the Illes Medes boast no luxury hotels, no flashy bars...
In June the phrase "stop and smell the roses" takes on new meaning when this seaside village is paved in petals...
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Rock Star: The World of Basque Sculptor Eduardo Chillida (from Spain Magazine)

His weighty iron and concrete sculptures dot cities across the world, and his grand-scale projects (like carving out a skyscraper-shaped hole in the middle of a Spanish mountain) still have the art world buzzing years after his death..... (read more)

Give a Little Whistle: Silbo, the Ancient Whistling Language (from Lonely Planet)

The first time you hear Silbo Gomero, you might think that you're listening to two birds having a conversation. Alternately chirpy and melodic, shrill and deeply resonating, this ancient whistling language is as lovely as birdsong ... (read more)

Hola Barcelona : This seaside style mecca is more than sunshine and sangria (From KLM's Holland Herald)

Clean morning sunlight filters through the century-old plane trees lining Las Ramblas, dappling the heads of locals laden with shopping bags, the students whizzing by on bikes...(read more)


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