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Did you know that each year on Saint John's day (June 23, the summer solstice) Catalans launch 750,000 kilos of firecrackers, spending about €10 million and causing around 1000 out-of-control fires! Fire, firecrackers and fireworks are an important element of festivals across Spain.

On this page you'll find several short, original articles about travel and trends in Spain. These articles are available to be used and published (**online only, please!**) freely, as long as you give Sarah Andrews author credit in a visible location, and you link back to my home page at www.sarahandrews.com.

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Corpus Cristi...It’s the day the town of Sitges will pave its streets in flower petals, creating lush carpets of colour, design and aroma in celebration of the Catholic holiday Corpus Christi....(read more)

Illes Medes...A tiny archipelago sitting just a mile off the Costa Brava, the Illes Medes boast no luxury hotels, no flashy bars and no sandy beaches. (read more)

The story of Jean Leon...What do Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, James Dean and Ronald Regan have in common? Hollywood, of course, but they were also all good friends of a man named Jean Leon. (read more)

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