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Did you know that the world's only albino gorilla, "Snowflake", lived in the Barcelona zoo until he died of skin caner in 2003? Although Snowflake (Copito de Nieve in Spanish) had many offspring, none is albino.

As a freelance writer, my work has taken me across the globe. But my favorite topics to write about are the ones I find close to home, here in Spain.

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Recent Articles by Sarah Andrews

Rock Star: The World of Basque Sculptor Eduardo Chillida

His weighty iron and concrete sculptures dot cities across the world, and his grand-scale projects (like carving out a skyscraper-shaped hole in the middle of a Spanish mountain) still have the art world buzzing years after his death..... (read more/ PDF version)


Wild Spain: A Walk Through the Country's Best National Parks

Spain may be best known for its sun, sandy beaches and sangria, but beyond its seaside resorts and lively cities there is a natural paradise many travelers never discover... (read more/ PDF version)


Sitting Pretty: An Idyllic Weekend in Seaside Sitges

Quick: what's the first thing that comes to mind when you envision an idyllic seaside holiday? Golden beaches? Swaying palm trees? The soft murmur of Mediterranean waves lapping against the shore? ... (read more/ PDF version)

The Naked Truth: Young Catalan Politician Stirs Things up by Appearing Nude on his Campaign Poster

Albert Rivera's nude body is everywhere to be seen — just what he wants as he runs for president of Catalonia. Rivera has filled the streets of Barcelona and other Catalan cities with thousands of posters of himself in the buff, modestly shielding himself with his hands... (read more)


Crazy River: Canyoning in Spain's Sierra de Guara

It's late spring, and I'm struggling to keep my balance in the frigid water of the Río Vero. Under my wetsuit I'm covered in goosebumps, but I'm too captivated by the scene around me to think about the cold... (read more)

Barcelona: A monthly guide of where to eat, shop and stroll

Where are the hottest places to for dinner, drinks, fashion, day trips, or strolling? Find out with this monthly guide to Barcelona, published in Easy Jet's inflight magazine... (read more)


76ers Lose to FC Barcelona: 3rd Time Since 1988 an International Club Has Beaten NBA Team

The last thing that Philadelphia wanted to do after coming off a lackluster season was to drop their exhibition opener. Philadelphia became just the third NBA team since 1987 to lose to an overseas club when they fell to FC Barcelona.... (read more)

Barcelona forum takes aim at world's woes: Five million people expected to attend intellectual and cultural gatherings

Runners, swimmers and jumpers may be flocking to Athens this summer, but Barcelona is hosting a different kind of Olympics -- a five-month cultural and intellectual forum that is bent on solving the world's problems...(read more)


Where to buy food from home in Barcelona: Spanish food is good, but sometimes you need a taste of home. Here is Sarah Andrews' guide to shops in Barcelona that sell food just like mother made

A guide to the best international food shops in Barcelona... (read more)

Hola Barcelona : This seaside style mecca is more than sunshine and sangria (From KLM's Holland Herald)

Clean morning sunlight filters through the century-old plane trees lining Las Ramblas, dappling the heads of locals laden with shopping bags, the students whizzing by on bikes...(read more)

Biking Barcelona: Two-wheeling it through Spain's most cosmopolitan city (from Lonely Planet)

Not so long ago, riding a bike in Barcelona was taking your life into your own hands. But times are changing, and while Barcelona's still no Amsterdam, bike culture is growing fast. The best place for a ride... (read more)

  Sleeping in Monasteries: Spain's monasteries and convents offer a calming alternative to harried city tourism

The halls of the Monasterio de San Benito de Montserrat, a fully-functioning Benedictine convent just an hour outside Barcelona, were silent when I arrived on Saturday afternoon. The doors to the church and to other mysterious rooms were closed and locked... (read more)

Ferran Adria: Taking Spanish cuisine to dizzying heights of creativity

Waiter, there's coconut milk and ginger in my squid ravioli! That is one of the delights served up by award-winning Spanish chef Ferran Adria, who spends half the year tinkering in a workshop that's as much science lab as kitchen, and who has become an idol to gourmets worldwide....(read more)


Give a Little Whistle: Silbo, the Ancient Whistling Language (from Lonely Planet)

The first time you hear Silbo Gomero, you might think that you're listening to two birds having a conversation. Alternately chirpy and melodic, shrill and deeply resonating, this ancient whistling language is as lovely as birdsong ... (read more)